500 FSB wall on E8500

... does not exist

It's actually just a hole. I posted this in my other thread, but I wanted to post this up anyway just to get the message to a few of you overclocking folk who have stopped just shy of 500FSB.

I read about it being a hole last week, so thought (with my new motherboard) I'd give it a crack at making a big jump-over on air cooling only.

That's without using crazy voltages. DDR2-1066 is now running 1:1 :)
CPU peaks at 60C, NB gets hot though.

My apologies if you guys already knew this.

Edit: quick question, does the '2' after Threads mean 2 threads per CPU, or does it mean HyperThreading is off? I never turned it off??
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  1. This is exactly like the FSB400/1600 wall with the E6xxx series (4mb L2) - i broke it when people were claiming it was impossible - ran an E6600 @ 3200/1600 on a ASUS P5B Deluxe Wifi/App for years and all on stock voltages!
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