Changing CPU in OEM Motherboard

I have an H.P OEM IPIBL-LB (Benicia)

Specs here:

It shipped with a Q6600 and a locked bios so the FSB, Vcore, etc couldn't be changed.

The motherboard specs say that it supports 800/1066/1333 FSB, so if I put a Core 2 Duo with a 1333 FSB, will the Motherboard run it at the correct FSB or insist on treating it as if it were a Q6600 and keeping the FSB at 1066.

What I'm really asking is, will the locked OEM Bios recognize a different CPU than the one it shipped with and apply the right clocks?

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  1. This came up in a thread over at Anandtech with the same motherboard (Asus G33 iirc), a poster added a Q9550, it didn't need a BIOS update and ran with no problems. So a short answer is that it should work, but typical caveats about double checking at HPs forums and tech support would be a good idea.
    *EDIT* it also applies to the Berkeley-GL8E series in HP
  2. You *might* need to update the BIOS on that board, depending on what was available when it left the factory.
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