Windows doesnt recognize hard drive, motherboard does?

I recently bought parts to build my computer (first time, i did with the help of a friend), so we plugged everything right and turned it on and the motherboard recognizes the hard drive (S-ATA 500GB 7200 rpm), when we tried to install windows 7, it didnt recognize the hard drive, same happened with vista, windows xp did recognize the hard drive as C: Particion 1 [Desconocido] which means partition 1 [unknown] , after formating the disk windows restarted the pc and nothing happened, it went to the begining of the install telling me again if i wanted to format the disk to install windows xp.

My friend unplugged some wires from the DVD burner and plugged those wires to his hard drive already with windows, and the pc worked and recognized my 500gb hard disk as secondary disk but still couldnt install windows, i dont know much about computers, i read something about disabling RAID and enabling ATA and legacy, something like that, we could not find that option in the motherboard (GIGABYTE G41M-ES2L). If you could help me thanks in advance, sorry for my english.

I found these people with the same problem:
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  1. Does the drive also appear in Vista and 7's disk management app? You may want to try mounting the drive.
  2. Check how the BIOS is trying to use the hard drive. Usually you can enter the BIOS Setup screens by holding down the "Del" key when you turn on the computer. After a short part of the POST sequence, the screen will show you the opening screens of BIOS Setup. If you have the manual for the mobo (you should have it), read the sections on how to adjust the settings here.

    Look for the part where you configure the SATA ports. You need to have them Enabled (probably done already). Then look close by for how the port's mode it set. Usually there are choices like "IDE (or PATA) Emulation", "native SATA", "AHCI", or "RAID". For most situations you do NOT want it set to RAID, unless your mobo manual particularly says you have to set it that way in order to use AHCI or something. (Using RAID mode often means you MUST install a device driver and the Windows Install routine cannot proceed without that.) For use with Win 7, the best choice is AHCI mode. If you change any setting, use the Save and Exit method to exit out of Setup. (If you did not change anything, just use Exit Without Saving.) This will get out of BIOS Setup and try to boot.

    From your description it appears you are trying to boot from a Windows Install disk in the optical drive, which is correct. However, the note from trying the XP install indicates that the HDD unit now has some sort of Partition already created on it. Either you are re-using an older drive, or your work somehow partially (but not completely) created a Partition. What I recommend (assuming you are trying to install Win 7 again) is that you use the Install routine menus first to Delete any Partition you find on that hard drive until there are none left. THEN start by setting how to create and use a brand new Partition on the drive.
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