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I wonder if you can help me out with a RAID question?

I’m currently running Windows XP Pro (SP3) on my computer. I currently have two 750Gb drives that I previously set up in a RAID 0 array, which shows as a single 1397Gb drive in My Computer. This array is used for all of my personal files.

I also have one WD 300Gb VelociRaptor drive that I use for my OS and programs.

I installed a second 300Gb VelociRaptor yesterday. I then went into my Disk Management program and formatted that new drive with a primary partition, which of course created a new drive icon in the My Computer folder.

With Windows open I then opened up my Intel Matrix Storage Console program and under the Action menu I selected the Create RAID Volume from Existing Hard Drive. I followed the necessary prompts then did a successful migration of my current information on the C drive, which took about 1-1/2 hours. When completed I rebooted my system as prompted. I still showed just the original C drive with its original usable size of 279Gb. I opened up the Disk Management program and that second drive was in fact shown just to the right of the C drive, but as a separate unallocated drive with 279Gb of file. I went ahead and created a primary partition again on this drive and it created a separate drive icon in the My Computer folder.

When I boot up my system I get to the portion of the POST where RAID volumes are listed and it does show two RAID volumes present. Both are normal and list the correct sizes of the combined drives. Also, when I open up the Disk Management program and look at the listed drives, the first one says Disk 0 and lists the size as 558Gb, which would be the size of the two drives combined, but right next to that is the graphical representation of the actual C drive size, which is still listed at 279Gb.

My questions is this – How do I go about getting Windows to recognize that the new RAID array was created?

Any help or information you can provide would be appreciated.

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  1. The raid is setup it's just that the partition is still set at 279GB as that is what it was before you created the raid. You will need to either expand the original partition to include the rest of the drive or reinstall windows using the whole drive.

    Before doing anything with the partition be sure to backup all files you need as it can go wrong.
  2. which raid level are you trying to make from the 300GB drives - raid 1 or 0?

    Also with raid 0, I hope you have frequent backsups. Yes?
  3. gtvr said:
    which raid level are you trying to make from the 300GB drives - raid 1 or 0?

    Also with raid 0, I hope you have frequent backsups. Yes?

    I'm doing a RAID 0 array and, yes, I do backup very regularly.

    With that said though, that 300Gb array I'm building would contain my OS and programs so those do not get backup.

    So, that poses a good question I guess. I was going for as much speed as possible by doing that, but would there be another arrangement, especially for my OS and programs, that makes more sense than a RAID array?
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    Well, to me RAID 1 makes sense in terms of redundancy. You do get a bit of a boost as far as reads from RAID 1. It's sort of a gamble - many people have HDs that last many years without failure, so the redundancy might not be a bit issue (some people reformat/reinstall apps regularly to cut down on bloat, anyways).

    I don't know if you can just add another HD as RAID 0 to an existing partition, since the data needs to be striped over both HDs. You can probably just add another HD as the mirror in a RAID 1 though.
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