E8500 high safe temp?

Hey everyone! So I just built a new pc (Evga 780i, E8500, evga 9800gtx, 4 gigs ocz reaper) and last night I ran Prime95 for around 10 hours everything went fine, I came out and checked on it CPU temp was 37C (which I thought was amazing after 10 hours steady at 100% load w. 80% ram usage) when I stoped the test. So I left the system idleing (had Prime95's dialog open but not testing, and Hardware Monitor and SpeedFan both running) for around 2hours and came back and the computer looked like it had shut off (It's running on the table atm while I test) because all of the fans were off. So I hit the power button and the computer woke up to the "Locked" screen. I logged back in and the System fans all turned back on, but the CPU temp had shot up to 109C(225F+/-) First should I worry about those temps having hurt the CPU, It seems fine, I turned it off to let it cool back down before I go and make sure everything is still running fine. But mainly why would the computer do that? To my knowlege nether hybernation nor sleep turn off the system fans (CPU, GPU and Chip Set were all off) because exacttly what happened will happen and if this is a brilant power saving feature windows/evga has created what is it so I can turn the damn thing off before I try to OC and fry my cpu as soon as it goes to sleep and shuts my fans off on me. (I can only imagine what temps it would have hit if it was in the case)
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  1. For a start if your pc had hibernated the fans do shut down to save power and start up again with activity my system does the same thing.

    Also, if the temps had shot up to 109`c straight out of hibernation it has to be a false reading, the E8xxx processors are notorious for false temp readings, you should test your sensors with `RealTemp`and maybe set up your fans and temps in the bios. If you are worried about that high temp reading, leave the side off your case and feel your heat sink that kind of temp will transfer and it will feel like the side of a hot kettle.

    The hibernation you may be able to configure in the bios but i think it may also be a feature of Vista.
  2. THanks, good to know about the false temp, It was most likely that, I checked the heat sink to see how hot was was at the time, and it was room temp which was a little confusing but it was 5am and i had just gotten up to pee and stop the stress test. Ill down load realtemp and set the high temp in the bios to make sure its not an issue.
  3. lol!
    my 4.3ghz e8500 last was running 40c
    you cooler is loose or....
    not enough thermal compound - many new cpu coolers are dished and require triple the amount of compound
  4. I'm pretty sure it's not the cooler, The CPU temp in 'SpeedFan' reads from 20C-120C, it says my system is -65C, and my Cores are always (Idle or Full load) at 40C. My core temps are also always 40C in 'Hardware Monitor', and 'Core Temp'. In 'Real Temp' they are both always 35C. I ran "Test Sensors" in Real Temp and both cores returned 0 movement. (Should be 3-15, 0 means my sensors are stuck I guess) Dose anyone know a way I can get these sensors working. Everything has worked great other than this I would hate to have to RMA because of this.
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