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I have a i7920 at stock speed and Asus P6T Deluxe V2 mobo with 1600mhz OCZ ram set to 1600mhz(1.64v 8-8-8-24). I would like to overclock my computer but before I attempt to mess with the BCLK and CPU voltage do I need to lower down my RAM settings from 1600mhz?

edit: just checked CPU-Z under memory it says "FSB: DRAM 2:12". Do I need to lower this before I OC?
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  1. When you increase BCLK, just make sure the memory freq doesn't go over 1600, so you'll probably have to change the memory multiplier at the same time.
  2. thanks for the reply SpidersWeb

    please excuse my ignorance but is"memory multiplier" the same as "DRAM Timing Control" (ex: 8-8-8-24)?

    If it is do I need to change both the timing control and lower the frequency? Or can I leave the frequency at 1600?
  3. Oh, just make sure the frequency stays at 1600 or lower. If you can simply specificy the frequency then do that, if not there will be a boot strap or similiarly named setting for the RAM you'll be able to change. I'm not familiar with the i7 because the memory is direct to the CPU, so it may be different.

    Leave the timings as is, just make sure the RAM doesn't go over 1600.

    If you're still confused, hopefully someone who overclocks i7's will post up and clear it up for you. I'm still living in Northbridge world.
  4. OK, I think what I am going to do is just lower the frequency down to 1333 and leave the timing(8-8-8-24) and voltage(1.64) the same and then just see what happens to the frequency as I increase the BCLK...
  5. Good plan
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