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I'm running a Q9450 ,4gigs of 1066 dominator ram , 150gig raptor hard drive motherboard is a evga 780i need the best graphic's card or cards I can get to run games at 1900x1200 on a 28' samsung monitor don't want to spend more then $350? Just would like feed back from everyone to see what my best option was. I found a evga 9800 gx2 for $250 after rebate that a good option?
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  1. i would recommend the 4870. if ur going to do sli then go for 1 gtx260 and upgrade to another one down the road. the 9800gx2 is also a good card but in my opinion it made to much noise and would barely oc so i personally didnt like it but dont get me wrong its a good card.
  2. So would you say that the 9800gx2 if I'm not over clocking is a good choice
  3. The GTX260, 9800GX2, and 4870 are comparable cards. There are some differences from game to game, and with different options, but on balance they are the same.
    Since you have a sli capable board, I might go for the GTX260 in the event you might go sli sometime.
    The EVGA 9800GX2 would be OK too.
    With EVGA, you will get the option to "step-up" to a better card if one should appear in the next 90 days. I think that is a real possibility.
  4. ok i am having trouble picking a grapics card for my computer i have a Dell XPS 400 and it has a geforec 7300le in it now i want to upgrade it to something alot better my price range is right about 200 im looken to spend. ive been doing some reserch and ppl say the 8800 gt would be perfect but im not sure. do to the psu watts of what it can handle so plz tell me what is a good card to put in it and if this help i only play City of heros and WOrld of Warcraft most of the time and some other small games online with friends so im looken for something that woul d make those two games look like heaven almost

    ty craig
  5. ^get either the 8800GT or the 4850.
  6. verdexus said:
    So would you say that the 9800gx2 if I'm not over clocking is a good choice

    yes it would be a good choice. one thing that pissed me off when i had a 9800gx2 was the heat, created soo much heat and noise i couldnt stand it. thats y i got rid of mine well some ppl may disagree my new 2 gtx260 run much cooler and quieter. if those issues dont bug u then that would be a good card to get. Theres a gtx260+ version or something like that coming out very soon i here might wanna check that out. But if u need a card now the 9800gx2 is a good card price/performance ratio.
  7. Dude, u have an SLi MoBo, get 1 GTX260 now and the other later on.

    That combo is not gonna get beaten in a long time from now.

  8. From what you guys are saying I may got with the gtx 260 and do 2 of them or switch to a crossfire setup and get with 2 4870's
  9. If you have the money for that, sure.

    But the SLi'ed GTX260 is as sweet as the CF'ed 4870.

    If you don't care about DX10.1 and video playback, then get those GTX260 and u won't be dissapointed.

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