Low 'Disk Transfer Rate' of SSD in WEI

I just finished a clean install of Windows 7 on a new build. I used a OCZ Agility 120GB as primary drive (i5 750 processor, P55A-UD3 Mobo, HD 5750). Oddly, when I run the WEI, the data transfer rate of the SSD is the lowest score (6.7) with the four other scores being between 7.2-7.5).

I am somewhat puzzled by this: While the Agility is not the fastest SSD around, I would not have thought that it would give me the lowest score in the WEI. Is there something wrong in the way my SSD is set up? Or is this just a quirk of how Windows 7 runs these tests?
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  1. I have a i7 940 with 2 x ssd in raid stripe and only have a score of 6.6 on asus rampage ii extreme MB
    would also welcome anny coments as move from vista ultimate 64 to 7 ultimate 64 guives me lover scores :o
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    6.7 isn't bad, and about what I'd expect for a low to mid range SSD.
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  4. I'm getting 7.7 for my Intel X25M G2 ssd
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