MSI X58 Platinum Crossfire/SLI Supported?

I cant seem to find a clear answer for this... I've looked everywhere for a review for this motherboard but cannot find one. Does the MSI X58 Platinum on newegg support xfire and sli? The reviewers on newegg seem to be torn and I'm just confused...

Would this motherboard be a good choice for 2 4850's and an i7 overclock from 2.66 to around 3.2-3.4ish? Or should I spring for a more expensive x58 motherboard. Any help greatly appreciated!
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  1. the MSI X58 Platinum doesnt seem to be SLI certified... however it is xFire ready

    So your dual 4850's will work great.

    For SLI in MSI range you would need to step up to the Eclipse SLI
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