Who has the Nvidia Geforce 8800 gt Dual Slot?

I'm thinking of buying the dual slot or just a single slot, I'm undecided because I've read a lot of good comments about the cooling fan and bad comments that say that is gets loud and get really hot and that it doesn't cool like it suppose to. I want to know who has this video card so it can give some feedback about how good or bad the dual slot works.
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  1. Most dual slot cards generally are more powerful, tend to generate more heat and need the extra cooling.

    You just need to decide if you need the expansion slots that dual slot cards take up. If you dont then have yourself a merry time and get a dual slot card.

    A good single slot card that I use in my media center pc and my friend has in his gaming rig is the Nvidia 9600GT. Its not the most powerful card but its is probably one of the more powerful single slot cards you can get...
  2. dual slot cards have better cooling solutions, so they generally stay cooler. The advantage to this is not only cooler system temps, but more overclocking potential. I have a palit 8800gt with a dual slot cooler, and am able to run it at 750mhz, and 1000mhz memory. The stock settings being 600 and 900. That 25% clock increase translates almost laterally to framerates, which puts it on par with a new 4850. A 25% boost takes a good card, and some good cooling, but a 10-15% speed increase is a very reasonable goal.

    Different vendors have different dual slot coolers, but they are all better than the single slot solutions. At the very least, a dual slot cooler will be quieter with the card at stock speeds than the single slot cooler. Just make sure you don't need the slot below your pci-e before getting the card
  3. Heya,

    I have a dual slot, it's great. It's not noisy at all. And it does not heat up the room. I have the Palit 8800gt Sonic 1gig. And you can clock it and still be fine with it's cooling setup. Great card.

    Very best,
  4. Dual slot cards with bigger fans tends to be quieter. Bigger fans spinning at lower rpm moves the same amount of air as smaller fans spinning at higher rpm. Lower rpm means less noise. The tone of the noise also matters, smaller fans tend to make a high pitched noise, which is more easily noticeable than bigger fan's low tone.
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