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I'm hoping someone can help me out with my core i5 overclock. I have an ECS P55H-A mobo and I've done overclocking on an core 2 duo e8400 on a gigabyte mobo but the ECS board is much different. What I've noticed is that my ram speed seems to increase as I increase my CPU frequency. In my gigabyte mobo, there is an option to change my memory ratio (from 2.0D to 2.0B, etc) and that will adjust my ram speed accordingly. However, I can't seem to find anything about a memory ratio or system memory multiplier option in the ECS board which is limiting my overclock. My ram is rated at 1333mhz and even when I specifically set my ram speed to 1333mhz in the bios, increasing the cpu frequency will simply raise that speed so what I need to figure out is how to change the memory ratio or memory multiplier. I'm new to core i5's but looking at other core i5 mobo's bioses, it seems there is an option to change the memory. Am I doing something wrong or can someone help me find this option on this ECS board. I would REALLLLY appreciate it if anyone had any ideas. Thanks!

here is a picture of the overclocking options I have for the mobo:,2436-5.html
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  1. Those pictures do not give very good information but I do not think that ECS generally has very many overclocking options compared to other manufacturers and because of this there may not be an option for changing the ratio. This could also be partly because of the built in memory controller.
  2. yes I did read that this ECS board is a very basic overclocking board with only the basic features. However, isn't memory multiplier pretty basic? What else am I supposed to do then? I am very confused at the fact that there is even an option to choose your memory speed when after you change the cpu frequency, the memory speed simply goes up.

    In this article reviewing the board:

    it states: "Lower memory multiplier to maximum stable memory frequency"

    I'm guessing that is what I'm trying to do as well. Does anyone have any ideas on waht to do? If there really isn't a memory multiplier, what are my options? Do I have to underclock my ram to start at 1066 so it can then increase with my cpu frequency to stay under 1333?
  3. anybody have any info???? help!
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