Hardrive problem, please help

I'm trying to put together my old PC so i can install my 8800GT in it, the motherboard is pretty old, it's an ASUS P5GD1 PRO.

My problem is that i've got 2 IDE hardrives and there is only one IDE cable slot on the motherboard. Even so, one IDE cable has 2 channels or connectors so you can connect 2 IDE hardrives with one IDE cable.

Well, that should be the case, but it doesn't work for me, for some reason only one hardrive is detected, the other one isn't. In fact, i found out that only the first channel of the IDE cable can detect the hardrive that it is plugged into, whereas the 2nd one doesn't work. I know this because i tried to connect one hardrive only, and it works for both my hardrives if i connect them to the first channel, whereas the 2nd channel doesn't work.

I tried this with many IDE cables and it seems to be the same, so i don't think it's the cables problem, since i tried new ones that i have as spares.

I also tried connecting the IDE cable to a DVD writer and a hardrive, and it doesn't work either, it seems to only be able to detect one and that it has to be connected to the first channel.

Since there is only one IDE cable slot on my motherboard, i can't connect 2 separate IDE cables to each hardrive, so what do i do??

There are sata slots on there but i don't have any sata hardrives and don't plan on buying one, since i already bought 2x 1TB sata hardrives for my main gaming rig, i'm just trying to setup this old PC properly for the 8800GT, that's it.
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  1. Have u set the jumper for each of your hard drives?
  2. never mind i fixed it, ya it's the jumper problem.
  3. ok, good to hear that... :)
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