Floppy Drive not detected

Motherboard is ASUS A7N8Xe and it's floppy port is a 34-1 in position 5 pin

I bought a 34 pin cable.

Since the floppy is not being detected, I am assuming the cable is the wrong kind.

Is this correct? Does the cable have to be
the exact pin configuration as the motherboards?

The floppy drive is also a 34 -1 but the open pin is in position 3 not 5 as the mother boards is.
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    My question is. Why do you need a floppy drive?
  2. Hi saint19,

    I am certain I have the need to create an Emergency Repair Disk for Windows NT.
  3. Make sure the cable is connected the correct way around, pin one on cable is the one with a stripe, on the floppy drive the stripe side goes on the side nearest to power connector. At the mobo end it will be marked.
    Also you need to make sure that the floppy drive is enabled in bios.
  4. Yes, thanks. I have checked all of these points.

    I am still at a loss to explain this.

    I have sent a technical support request to the mobo mfgr.: ASUS.

    Don't know what else to do....
  5. Best answer
    The LED blinks when you turn on the PC?
  6. No, it does not.

    I do have it connected, though.

    There's probably no power for some reason.
  7. I was using the wrong power connecter.

    Thanks for the attention.
  8. saint19 said:
    The LED blinks when you turn on the PC?

    I have troubleshooted by doing all of the following - but still no LED at all.

    Resetting CMOS battery.

    Stripping down mombo to cpu, memory and floppy only.

    Setting BIOS to enable floppy.

    There is just NO POWER despite the cabling being correct.

    Any other ideas?

    On boot I continually receive the "Floppy disk fail (40)" message .
  9. Uhmmm, ok select an option.

    1- Your floppy drive work fine, but LED don't blinks and you receive the message "floppy disk file (40)"


    2- Your floppy drive still don't work.
  10. 2 - it's completely unresponsive.

    no lights, nuthn'
  11. Do you try with another floppy drive and cable?
  12. Yes, that's not the source of the problem.
  13. Uhmm. Ok, wait till the ASUS support reply to your message. When this happen, tell me the reply that you recive from ASUS. At this point, i'm not sure that could be the reason for the fail.
  14. Thank you for your patience. I have exhausted all of the suggestions by ASUS tech support. At this point,

    I am going to put this behind me and move on. Maybe I'll just buy a new motherboard.

    Again, thanks.
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