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Not sure if this question has been fielded yet, but forgive me if it has.

I'm thinking of buying a pair of 4850's to replace an 8800gt. Obviously physx won't run on the ATI cards, but, could I put the 8800gt in the 3rd pci-x slot in the system and use it only as a physx processor? I've seen Geforce SLI setups where they have two new high end cards SLI'd, and like a 9600gt running the physx. Just wondering if it'd be possible with an ATI/Nvidia combo.
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  1. It should work on XP, but it won't run on Vista.
  2. please elaborate
  3. Well Vista won't let you install two sets of display drivers while XP should. You'll need both ATI and NVIDIA drivers to do this. Be aware that even on XP you could run into quirky issues.

    HARDSPELL managed to get a 3850 and 9600GT working fine:
  4. thanks for the info. guess the 8800gt will go to the future HTPC pile
  5. Um physx will run on ATI cards,5764.html

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