Acer laptop recovery help!!

sir my lapy is not working roperly because of toomuch of cvirus in i want to chang my windows.please tell me how can i change my windows?
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  1. Have you tried the malware removal guide in the sticky post on this forum?

    If you can't get anywhere doing that, and you don't care about losing data off the laptop, do a factory restore. You should have either restore CDs or a restore partition depending on the model. If you want to make sure you keep your files, a safe way is to buy a new hard drive, and install Windows on that, use the old drive to copy the files over to the your computer, but you'd need to make sure you don't copy over infected files.
  2. This should help with the virus problem.

    As mentioned, if you have a restore partition, or discs, you could a full system restore.

    If you are looking to change up the OS, then you'll need to purchase a new copy of windows, and install it.
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