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Please help - scary TMPIN0 at 82c idle.

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October 12, 2009 12:26:26 PM


I'm lost in a maze here.

A couple of days ago I got my new Barebone system. ASUS T3-P5G31A. Sensor chipset is IT8720F. Wonderful, neat and minimalistic. After XP install I quickly installed Speedfan to make sure I hadn't messed anything up. This lead to an unpleasant surprise. Temp1 was showing at 84 degrees Celcius. I rebooted and entered BIOS. The HW Monitor only showed two temps: CPU & MB. Both where fine (CPU 38c / MB 28c, sort of). I revisited Windoze. Same crazy 82 reading in Speedfan. I posted on some tech board for answers.

They suggested that the reading was not to be taken seriously, probably just an unattached sensor, they tended to show bogus values on and till. Hmm, ok ok. Well. I ran some CPU stress tests. The funny thing is that this particular sensor then raised. It maxed out on 90 degrees celcius, after around 15min of stress test. Mad! I thought to myself "If this is just an unattached slash bogus fake sensor, how come it reacts "logical" to load?", and re-posted. Someone then said that it would prolly be the north bridge, which was nothing to worry about 'cuz they could withstand well over 100 degrees celcius. I was also adviced to try other software than Speedfan.

So, I tried also HWMonitor, aswell as EVEREST, SIW and CoreTemp. All apps grab the same value for this particular sensor. Although they name it differently. In Speedfan it's "Temp1", in EVEREST it's "Aux", and in CoreTemp it's "Tj. Max".

Now. I just caught some very interesting reading. The term "Tj. Max" is what called my attention. I made some research and, well, I'm not sure but (from what I read in article below) it seems that Tj. Max is actually referring to the "auto-shutdown-point". If this is the case, it would really be nice, huh? Then I could just "let go" of that sensor value, right?

Please give me a shed of light on this one, or I will stay sleepless forever.


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October 12, 2009 12:32:19 PM

Gah, guess I can rule that one out. I just compared CoreTemp w/ HWMonitor. The "Max Tj." in CoreTemp is fixed at 85c, whereas the "TMPIN0" in HWMonitor is floating. Here's a screenshot. What do you guys think?

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October 12, 2009 10:02:15 PM

Look at your Intel Pentium temps.
Your cores are at 30C and 29C. Thats the actual temp inside the chips. Thats the MOST important value.

What your seeing at TMPIN0 etc is some mobo temps, like the NB, SB, and Mosfets. And 82C is pretty high. Try putting a fan blowing directly on the NB chip and see if it drops.

Methinks you need to find the stickies here that explain the commom temps and what to look for on a Mobo.

TJ max is fixed. It is the max the chip core should run at before the smoke comes out. Usually in your Bios you can set your auto shutdown temp to whatever you want. It has nothing to do with TJmax. TJmax is important though.

BTW, you never even mentioned what chip your running. Is is blue or triangle shaped? Just kidding..........
October 13, 2009 1:43:31 AM

Im guessing chipset tempratures which are ok because they are passive, run burn in tests and see how the system reacts, and if you have the option in the bios, turn the fan mode to performance or totally disable asus fan controll perhaps and see if your temps lower.