What's the best processor I can upgrade to?

Was looking to upgrade without changing my motherboard or anything major

Mobo: MSI K9n Platinum
Processor: AMD Athlon 3600+ AM2 Dual Core
Memory: 4gb
Antec psu 500w

Was looking at this:

Is there anything better than this I can get?
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  1. That 6000+ is a 3.1ghz 65nm Brisbane chip. You're better off with a 3.0ghz 90nm Windsor chip, also named 6000+. The AMD naming scheme is pretty bad, the "6000+" is supposed to denote performance, but they're not the same, and obviously neither can come close to a 3.0ghz Intel dual core. The new one perform worse than the old one despite being 100mhz higher clocked, due to smaller L2 cache and higher latency.

    Performance of the 2 6000+ chips.

    Price for Windsor 6000+ is lower than Brisbane.
  2. There's the 6400 and 6400 "Black" edition - but dagger makes fine points.
  3. Instead of getting that 6000+ Brisbane you're better off getting the 5400 BE and overclocking it to those speeds


    The 6400 is the fastest for you're system


    But it seems only the OEM version is avaliable. I think it would be best of you got one of the 89W 6000+ Windsors though, especially since, as previously mentioned, it's cheaper and faster than the Brisbane model

  4. Q: What is the highest wattage CPU that mobo will support without burning it's power circuits?

    A: According to http://global.msi.com.tw/index.php?func=prodcpu2&prod_no=252&maincat_no=1 it can handle 125W CPUs.
  5. I have no idea, also I would like to stay away from overclocking. I can spend more but not enough to replace the mobo and all that (dont wanna go thu all that anyways)
  6. 6400 Windsor definitely, that is a pretty good CPU and should keep up well enough for today's uses.
  7. The AM2 6000+ cpu is an excellent chip I have one myself and it comes highly recommended. Sahil it appears to me that your board will support this cpu. New Egg does sell a 89W version of the chip with the Windsor core. That would probably be your best bet.

  8. I think I'm going to go with the 6400+ Windsor OEM. Which aftermarket cooler is good? I'm looking for something quiet, and again not going to overclock.
  9. If you can fit it:

    That should be fine fanless at stock.
  10. Unless your case has excellent airflow through it, you will still want to put a fan on that heat sink, expecially with an 89W processor. 120mm fans are not very loud at low speeds.
  11. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835887016

    Thats another good one, but really tall so depends on whether it will fit in your case or not. I know it won't fit in my smilodon with the side fan in.


    That one would probably work too, and give some cooling to the PWM area on mobo.
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