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Hey guys :hello:

Right now i am gaming on:

LG 19" widescreen 1440x900
BFG 9800 GTX (800/2000/1225)

I really want to game on a bigger screen such as 28", but i do not have the money to upgrade both graphics card and screen.

So my idea is to Buy the screen now, the 28", Not game for a while, as the 9800gtx will not be able to handle it, then down the line Buy myself a 9800 GX2 or a 4850x2 when i have the money. There could be some significant price drops which will save me money :)

So this would be the time line

Upgrade to 28" --> not game --> upgrade graphics card later



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  1. I went in the opposite direction last February. I bought the card first and then planned on getting the 24" LCD later. I also picked up a nice Gigabyte 780G board in May and planned on getting a B3 and DDR2 1066.

    Things didn't turn out as planned. I'll finally be able to get an 8750 triple core and memory this month, but I'm still stuck with a 17" CRT.

    My advice to anyone is to save up and get the components at the same time and do one sensible upgrade. Unless you watch more movies than you game, then the larger monitor won't matter so much. The card without the monitor will be CPU limited at lower resolutions.

    Save up for the whole megillah, so to speak. You'll be disappointed if real life delays upgrade plans that involve one part this month, another part another month. You won't be disappointed when you have it all together the first time.
  2. I see, its sad that your upgrade didnt turn out as planned.

    As im in the last year of college i have a lot of work to be doing. So maybe buying the screen now, card later will be a good incentive for me to stop gaming and do some work :P

    Prices in cards are falling rapidly, pushing the older models even further. I could possibly save some cash in the long run.

    And whats better to game at... seeing as the 28" has 1920x1200, and a 24" has 1920x1200.

    Which one would be better to game at !?
  3. just upgrade the monitor because the 9800GTX+ is still very capable just OC it to the max and see what it can manage.
  4. Thanks for the ideas guys :)

    You have been a great help :)
  5. I say upgrade the monitor first too. First the 980GTX+ will still be able to give decent performances in many games even at that resolution (might have to reduce quality). Second, your monitor will not loose 50%+ of it's value by the time you buy the remaining component.
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