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I have read that the Intel offerings that will come out on Nov. 17 will be the core i7 920, 940 &965. Will these CPU's all be based on LGA 1366, which is supposed to be the performance socket. If so, what CPUs will be on socket 1166? Obviously there will be a price difference between these two mobo sockets, but what will it be? I have heard that the X58 chipset motherboards will be quite expensive, most at least costing a hefty $300 or more, but will there be other chipsets released on the initial release date of the 17th or will we have to wait, if so, how long before the lower tier chipset mobos arrive ( P55)? Any prediction as to their costs would be greatly appreciated or any articles with specific info.
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  1. I might be wrong since I have lost interest Nehalem (core i7) until it comes out. However, if I remember correctly, all the cheap processors or the first batches might be LGA 1066 CPUs. This is because there were rumors of the DDR3 controller still having some problems with most of today's DDR3 memory technology, so Intel wants/wanted to make the first batch on the LGA 1066 bus which would support DDR2 and not DDR3. I might be wrong, again, but that is what I have read. Anyway, if they resolved the DDR3 problems then the only other thing I read about was that the LGA 1066 would be a Dual-Core only i7 system and the LGa 1366 would be Quad-core only. I am not all that sure about this though, since I also thought that Intel was not going to make a dual-core nehalem.
  2. LGA 1066? Are you guys talking about the current LGA775 socket or are two new sockets coming? I thought only one new one was coming.
  3. They will all be LGA 1366 to start.
    Intel will not be offering chips on the lower-end socket untuil next year.

    Initially all boards will only support DDR3 and yes will be expensive.
    I would not expect to any boards below $250 to start.

    There should be cheaper boards rolling out next year.

    Initially the i7 will really only be for those less price concious.
    While the CPU itself will be reasonably priced compared to current mid-range quads, the cost of the mobo and memory will cause the systems to be rather pricey.

    Expect the cost of DDR3 to really start to move down in price after the introduction of the i7 as the volume of DDR3 Dimms increases
  4. Go To it has tons of info.
  5. Why are they introducing a new socket? Why not just let LGA775 be the lowend, while 1366 is the highend?
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