Is this a good fan setup for this case?

The case is: Thermaltake Soprano RS 101 VG7000BWS .

I was thinking of the following setup for air cooling.

1 - 120 Intake fan in lower front.
1 - 120 Exhaust fan in middle rear
1- 80 Exhaust in top (Would need to mod the case for this one)
1- 80 Intake in upper side panel (Removing the included air duct)
(This setup would leave the lower "fan mount" empty on the side panel.. or should I add another 80 intake to the lower "fan mount" on side panel?)

Without adding another 80 to the lower mount on the side panel I'd have a balanced number of Intake/Exhaust which i've read is ideal...
(Not counting the PSU, Which is a Corsair HX 520W - 120 fan on bottom of that)

Mobo: Asus M2N - E
CPU: AMD ATHLON X2 5400+ EE (65nm, 65W)
GPU: Sapphire Radeon HD 3870 512MB GDDR4 (Single Slot Solution)
HDD: 2 x Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM 160GB SATA2(Mounted one above and one below the front intake fan)...

Any input is greatly appreciated, also if anyone has any better suggestions I'm all ears...
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  1. You should be okay with that fan configuration.

    The general rule of thumb is cool air in through the front bottom and hot air out the rear top with a little more exhaust than intake. It's sort of like a wind tunnel effect.

    You'll have to cut a blowhole in the top of the case. Your power supply will be mounted at the top rear. The blowhole and case fan will have to be mounted in front of the psu. Check the distance between the front of the psu and the back of any components you install at the top front of the case like an optical drive. Make sure there is enough room for a fan.

    BTW - I build pc's for friends, neighbors, and girlfriends. I have been using Corsair exclusively. They are rock solid and reliable. Install the psu with fan on the bottom. It will suck in hot air and blow it out the back of the case. At least I think it will. I've been installing the 620 watt version.
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