Verbatim USB harddrive is not recognized by windows

I cannot believe this. My desktop computer died-new one ordered. Anyway, I had everything backed up on a 500GB Verbatim USB drive. I also had some duplicate info on another drive. I connected both drives to the laptop (still functioning) and combined files so it would be easier to find on one back up drive and copy on the new computer when I get it. Then I formatted the drive I had removed the information from. Both drives were functioning properly (the newly formatted one still is). I left the computer briefly and came back and the Verbatim drive usb cable came unplugged from the laptop. I plugged it back in (drive was not turned off) and now this USB device is not recognized by windows and the device is malfunctioning. I uninstalled the usb drives from device manager, uninstalled the unknown device, restarted the computer a couple of times, plugged the usb drive into the different usb ports on the laptop, etc. etc. Anything I could think of.

The laptop installs the device driver for the Verbatim when I try different USB ports and then says it doesn't recognize the device. The dilema, what to do. Obviously the Verbatim has malfunctioned. I can feel the drive running inside the case and the blue light comes on. I tried the usb cable that comes with the other usb drive and it doesn't work on it either although it works on the formatted drive. Obviously it is not a USB cable problem. I don't know what else to try.

This back up drive has sensitive data on it, tax returns, genealogy, passwords to websites, a perfect recipe for identity theft if in the wrong hands. I don't know what business to trust to try to recover this data, or if the expense would be so much that I couldn't afford to do it. At least some of the data is supposedly backed up on CD/DVDs if they are still viable. I've got my digital pictures on this drive and years of genealogy research. I'm just sick over it. I'm really having computer woes lately.

All I can say is "HELP". Any suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. if you can feel the drive spinning, its most likely a drive issue. Check if Verbatim has drivers on there website. Windows often time installs incorrect drivers.
  2. Thank you for the advise.

    I looked on the website and there are not now nor ever were drivers for this device. I tried the electric cord off of the other USB storage device I have and that didn't work. I bought a new computer and I plugged the USB device into it and after it said it was installing drivers, well, it didn't recognize it either. It's been a regular computer nightmare as I just sent my laptop in to have it fixed too. Everything has been hardware issues. I can't believe the laptop ended up needing repair too but at least it waited until I got the new desktop. I am in the process of restoring data from CD/DVDs to a different USB external hard drive. It's taking forever! It pays to have 2 back ups.
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