[Graphics Cards] Will it fit inside a slim casing?

Hi, im using Dell Inspiron 530s and i just ordered a "nVidia XFX GeForce 8600" from my friend.
Since im using a slim-case computer, i will need a low profile graphic card right?
I told that to my friend and he said that the card that he's going to order for me is a low profile card.
But when he show me the card picture (im assuming that it's the card picture since there's no reason for him to show me picture of other model of graphic card), it doesn't look like a low profile card.

so im asking whether the card will fit in my Inspiron 530s or not?
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  1. The card pictured is not low profile, and off the top of my head I cannot remember XFX doing a low profile 8600, though there is a company (galaxy?) selling low profile 9600GT's.
    Having said that this is just a generic Pic of an XFX 8600gt graphics card, they use the same one for all of them.
    If you friend can give you the part number / model number of the card you can google it to see if it is low profile.
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