Motherboard or RAM problem?

Hi there.

I recently bought a Asrock P43Twins1600 Mobo with 2gb of Ocz 800Mhz 4-4-4-15 2.1v RAM (2x 1gb)

I have started to get recent shutdowns and crashes and then the PC locked up one day then would crash when the Windows desktop appears. Loading in safe mode works fine.

Running memtest 1.7 shows that whatever stick of RAM I tried in any of the 4 DDR2 slots showed a lot of errors. I assumed this meant that the Memory Controller on the motherboard must be broken. However I managed to find a PC with 533Mhz RAM and that tested fine in my PC. Unfortunately I cant test the OCZ RAM in this PC as the mobo doesnt like 800Mhz RAM

I overlclock a E2220 (2.4Ghz, 800 FSB) up to 3.0Ghz (running 333Mhz*9) but I have the RAM strapped at 800Mhz and running the stock voltage of 2.1v. The mobo accepts up to 1`600MHZ FSB

I am wondering whether both sticks of RAM suddenly became faulty after working fine for 2 months, or the Memory Controller on the mobo is faulty but runs ok when slower memory is installed.

Any thought swould be appreciated as the RAM and mobo are both under warrenty, but which one do I send back?!?!?!

Many thanks
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  1. If loading in safe mode always works, you probably have a driver problem.

    Does memtest 1.7 work in safe mode?
  2. Have you tried the board at the default settings. Asrock isn't the best overclocker out there; I had no luck overclocking mine. I would suspect the ram doesn't like the higher voltage anymore. Get better ram if you want to overclock.
  3. JSC - Memtest is a DOS boot floppy so doesnt involve Windows at all so it is not a driver issue

    O1die - This Asrock board is really good at overclocking. It has worked fine for the last two months and all Prime95 tests have proved stable. I did actually have it running at 400*8 at one point completely stable!! As stated though 2.1V is the stock voltage for the OCZ RAM. It is OCZ Platinum series and is noted for its performace and overclocking ability. I have tried the board at default memory settings in the BIOS and still the same issues.

    Thank you both for your suggestions.
  4. "JSC - Memtest is a DOS boot floppy so doesnt involve Windows at all so it is not a driver issue"

    Yep. Forget. Apologies.
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