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Ok, so im building a pc for my little brother for his birthday, and i only have 250 bucks, so i spent the last few days looking to the best deal. i was able to grab an old case and a spare PSU 450watt. Tell me what you think, and if i should buy him COD4. like will it play it

2x STT DDR2-800 1GB/64x8 S-RIGID Memory T8UB1GC5 $18.78 $37.56

Hitachi 160GB 0Y30006 SATA2 U300 7200rpm 8MB RoHS Hard Drive HD-0Y30006 $35.76 $35.76

ZOTAC nVidia GeForce 8500GT AMP! Edition 256MB DDR2 DVI PCI-Express Video Card ZT-85GT25L $46.81 $46.81

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor 4800+* (2.5GHz) AM2, Retail
ADO-48DDBX $100.00 $100.00

Biostar MCP6P-M2 Socket AM2/ GeForce 6150/ DDR2-800/ A&V&L/ MATX Motherboard

Windows XP pro- i have a spare

Sub Total $220.13
Tax $0.00
Shipping Method: UPS Ground Shipping $17.52
Total $237.65

any info, will help thanks
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  1. Do it.
  2. IDK where your buying the CPU but your gettin raped. Look on newegg, you can get a 5400+ BE for $87.
  3. it won't play it on max ill tell you that.
  4. less on cpu, more on gpu
  5. Its a processor mobo combo for 100, i think its a steal. 2.5 duel core. and i know games on source engine rely on processor. and its an overclocked 8500gt 700/800
  6. doesnt matter at least 8600 gt or 8600gts for COD4
  7. my 8600gt a little oced can max this game our with a 3.2 pentium 4, your fine.
    Im running it at 1440x990 max settings, maxed AA, AF, etc, at creek lowest is 30 fps
  8. It would play it. I played through on a 7300LE and it was not bad. That said, newegg did have a 9600gt for 85 bucks a couple of days ago which would be worlds better than the 8500gt.
  9. How about something like this though?

    *EDIT* Also look at, they've got some decent combos now with say a dual core celeron and a mobo for 90 bucks, you'd just need a cooler. Also saw some AMD setups for right at 100, again OEM processor so still need a cooler, but they had a few that included the 4400x2.

    Did find this btw.....

    They've got it as a combo until the 20th with this chip...

    Which I've never used, as I have a 5200x2, but I think the combo is only like 76 bucks, so does not sound bad....

    ECS intel board for 32 bucks after rebate. Normally I would not reccomend ECS, but your on a budget, so trying to keep it cheap. But someone else may know a cheap board that can OC.

    Intel Celeron dual core for 50 bucks and free shipping.

    ASUS 9600 GSO 384 mb, factory overclocked. Not quite as good as the 9600 gt, which seems to have dissapeared(at least the 85 dollar one), but should still do great. 80 bucks after 20 dollar rebate. It's also supposed to come with a free game, but some seem to complain it's not working? So who knows about that.

    So far we're at 162.

    Hitachi drive you mentioned for 36. So we're at 198 now.

    HEC 585 watt psu, which if you get the better video card may need more power. Alot of guys would say don't get it, if you're on a budget, it may work. Has good newegg reviews and on paper it says it's dual 12v+ rails, 19 amps on one rail, 20 on the other.

    20 bucks.

    So now we're at 218.

    Corsair Value Select ddr2 667 ram for 35..

    Though if overclocking, you may be able to use ddr2 800, the board just lists 667 as it's standard but shows it's capable of high FSB speeds. But whatever memory budget about 35.

    So 218+35=252 bucks. Say 20 bucks shipping. If you want to talk to your bro, maybe tell him what you are wanting, he'll chip in 20 bucks for the shipping. But either way, 270ish by the time you pay shipping and get rebates back, but I think the 9600gso would be a lot better card than the 8500/8600 cards.

    I'll warn you I'm not an intel guy, normally I'd recommend you an AMD setup, but for what you are paying, I think the intel might be better for the budget, however the guys here will know more than I will for intel, like any overclocking info or compatibility, etc.
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