low score on 3dmark vantage whit HD4870x2


i got a HD4870x2 and im just getting 12000 Gpu score on 3dmark vantage :??:
and i have seen they who get 16000 points.....
i have the newest drivers and i have tryed whit older drivers to,
i have tryd to overclock it but i will just get a 100 points more...
can someone help me?????

AMD Phenom 9850 BE
Radeon HD4870x2
super talent 2Gb ddr2
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  1. Uhm... nForce 750 chipset with Crossfire... They don't have a nice relationship, u know...

    See if there's a BIOS update or something for that. Also, u have a Phenom with 2GB. What's your Phenom/RAM speed atm?

  2. i have the newest bios update
    phenom is at 2,9 Ghz and ram is on 800mhz
  3. Dahl said:
    i have the newest bios update
    phenom is at 2,9 Ghz and ram is on 800mhz

    Catalyst version? OS u're using? RAM timings?

    And your Phenom is kinda slow IMO. What cooling solution u have for it? I mean, with a MaxOrb u can get 3.4Ghz with no sweat. Also, play with your RAM FSB and your HT link multi and speed so u can squeeze more from your Phenom BE.

  4. CCC is 8.8
    windows vista x32
    ram timings are 4-4-3-8
    and my phenom is 3.0Ghz not 2.9Ghz

    i have tryd to overclock my phenom more but it wont go higher...
  5. What's you HT link speed and multi?

    Well, to OC a little more your Phenom, i'd say go to the Overclockers sub forum. There are some guru's with years of exp XD

    Cause it's not a video card problem at all, it's the rest of it :P

    And try to get Catalyst 8.6 + hot fixes. For what i read, they are working very well so far, and 8.7 and 8.8 are sluggish.


    EDIT: Spelling :P
  6. CPU limitation i would say. you need typically a E8xxx or Q6/Q9xxx at 3.2Ghz to explore the full potential of the 4870X2.
  7. ok

    HT link 200
    multi 15
    that works best for me

    but i have seen on futuremarks website they who have the same processor at 2,5 and and still they get 15000-16000 points
  8. Uhm... What do you have on your background running while doing the tests?

    Clean Windows install with the card? Where did you upgrade from, an nVidia card? Did you uninstall the older drivers properly?

  9. i have a clean windows installed and i had 8800GT SLI befor and nothing is running in the background.
  10. I'd blame the 750i chipset actually, but i really don't know what could be the issue... Seriously...

    If u were able to get the 4870X2, can u change your MoBo and get a little more RAM? Get a 790FX chipset (DFI and Asus are my favorite choice) with 2 more Gigs IMO.

    Now, if you don't want to, u can keep trying with your current rig. Run Driver Cleaner and see what it says.

  11. if i buy windows vist x64 can it have some effect?
  12. its 750a chipset not 750i :kaola: i have tryed driver cleaner... IF i buy a new mobo whit 790FX chipset how sure are you that i will get beter performance??
  13. The 790FX is supposedly to be the best chipset for OCing the Phenom out there. So it might not impact the chipset-video card combo alone, but the whole system performance. On your specific question of "what do i get", i actually don't know for sure, lol. Also, going the 64Bit way with the 4870X2 could be a good choice, since you have 2GB and the X2 has 2GB and 32Bit OS'es only see 4GB max (3.5GB actually).

    Letme do some searching about that issue and i'll post later on.

  14. i have tryed to play crysis and i playd it a little better then when i had 8800GT SLI.... and i compared my rig to others rig on futuremarks website and many of them hadd lower cpu score but higer Gpu score but all of them had better 3dmark score go and see for you self if you dont belive me...
  15. Ok, here's the answer to what u'd get with a 790FX chipset:


    I think it's a fair review and the DFI board it's not expensive at all, that's the delicious thing! (damn, that M$ spot! X'D)

  16. ok tanks

    if i dont find another way i will buy a new mobo.
  17. i have 1280x1024 resolution and everiting on very high
  18. and i get around 20 fps
  19. yea no AA or somthing like that... do you have any clue what could be wrong??? is there any settings in catalyst that i have to turn on ot somthing like that??
  20. Did u disable v-sync in CCC? remember to also disable all AA and AF options in the CCC because it enables it by default.. That got me another 2k points for doing that.
  21. 3dmark is CPU influenced, and 3Dmark Vantage is CPU and Physx Influenced...so I wouldn't worry about it.

    As long as your getting good frames in regular be happy and move on, 3dMark is just a way of showing off your e-penis, not a form of entertainment.
  22. where is v-sync in CCC???
  23. ok i'll try to reinstall it
  24. Yeah, I totally forgot about CCC AA, V-Sync and AF!

    If you have them on, and tell Crysis (or the other games) to use AA also, it's going to be doing double work!

    Check that and re run the tests. It's not a hard thing to find on the CCC.

  25. Quote:
    3d all settings.

    oh and liquid, fps in the twenties with crysis ain't that good at that res with no AA, it could be for some reason something ain't working right, it could also just be crysis.

    Shoot didn't see lol, thnx:)
  26. when im testing my different clocks on CCC i have noticed that the GPU activity dont go to 100% only to 40-60%
    so can that be a problem??
  27. Actually 790GX is THE chipset for overclocking the Phenoms. But thats beside the point.

    His boards chipset has nothing to do with the score, its not hurting his ATI card just because the chipset is Nvidia. Its more than likely the CPU "hurting" the score.
  28. a friend told me that his GPU activity goes to 100% when his trying the clocks in CCC
  29. You mean when using the auto-tune feature, or testing custom clocks? Its suposted to do that, its stressing to see if its stable.
  30. i mean the testing custom clocks.
  31. but min dosent go to 100%
  32. dude, i can get about 20 frames in crysis very high at 1280x1024. Yes that is with a 8800 gs. something is seriously wrong with your system. Do you have the TLB fix enabled? because if so, that would have a serious effect on your performance.
  33. He dosent need the fix, his Proc is a 9850. Phenoms with the xx50 nomenclature are the revisions.
  34. *facepalm*

    my bad.
  35. now i got another problem to... crysis wont play in DX10 only DX9 i have tryed to reinstall it but it didint help
  36. do you have the 1.21 patch?
    and what os do you have? Which vista?
  37. no i dont have that patch dowloading it now
    and i have vista ultimate x64
  38. Crysis is probably the worst game to be gauging your performance on with the 4870X2, it is the only game that the X2 is still worse than the GX2 and mayve even 8800GT SLi.
  39. i think Crysis is the best CPU benchmark!lol
  40. i got it to work... annisman what do you think is the best game to test the performance of a HD4870x2?
  41. im not 100% sure but for testing vram GRID with full antialiasing on will drag a 512mb card to a halt! i think to test GPU capability is those TRUE DX10 game.
  42. ok. but still i know that crysis shuld run better whit this card but i dont know what the problem is..
  43. hahaha AMD.....
  44. whats wrong whit amd??
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