ATI 3870 x2 Multiple Display Problems with Crossfire for TV/Out

I just put an HIS Digital ATI Radeon 3870 x2 video card into my system. No problems installing or setting up primary display. However, whenever I try to enable a second display in the Catalyst Control Center, I get an error message saying that Crossfire is currently enabled and must be disabled to enable an extended desktop or reassign the primary display. It has detected the television that I have connected to it through the S-video cable, but it will not enable it. Also, I have no option in my Catalyst Control Center to disable or enable Crossfire, which is probably because it is a single video card(?). I read somewhere that this problem had been resolved with new drivers but I have the newest drivers from ATI (Catalyst Software suite version 8.8. I apologize if someone else has already asked about this and would appreciate it if you referred me to the thread (i.e., I did try to find the information before posting). Thank you for your help!!!
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