Yellow question mark on some devices

Please help me what to down load. I have some yellow marks at these:
PCI device
PCI comunication controller
SM bus controller
I have search around this forum, so far I know for SM bus controller that someone mentioned to have down load the chipset driver. I have the Intel DG9650T motherboard. "Chipset: INF Update Utility for Intel® Desktop Boards " Is this the right one?

Thank you.
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  1. Forgot to say that right now I only using everthing, eithernet, audio....
  2. Can you go to Intels website and find the section for that board? They will have a list of all the drivers you need on their support page for that motherboard. Download and install everything for your version of windows. That should do it.

    You could try this link to Intel:
  3. Just install the drivers, leave the BIOS alone :)
  4. I agree with moomoomoo. This may help you.

    Unknown Device Identifier 6.01
  5. Upload every drivers?
  6. Install the chipset driver first, then try video, sound, network. That might be all you need, thats as much as I know really.

    Hope you get it sorted! :)
  7. You can also try - they're pretty good at identifying what the required drivers are and will give you a link to get you started.
  8. OK, I got most of them uncheck, except the PCI said PC bus0, device 27. what is that? Thanks.
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