Hel with .pub files being converted to .doc and other crap!

I was running Pub 98 (I know old!) and had the trial version of MS office 2007 - I always clicked cancel during setup as I did not have the set up key.....
anyway yesterday I noticed that none of my files would open as .pub (where they were originally saved) but they were now all .doc......since I dont have the full version it only lets me view them and do nothing else (print, edit, etc)
I want to get my .pub files back in publisher 98 NOT Office 2007
I was told to uninstall office as I did but now the saved files are still appearing as .doc but with the notepad icon instead of "w" icon...
If I right click the file to open it with Pub 98 I get an error saying that such and such file is not a valid win32 application!
Should I do a system restore or what ---
please help!
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  1. you are going to need to face up to the fact that you have no valid software installed to open the file.
    The file is there, but you can't open it.
    Install software such as USED microsoft office professional 2000, purchased from goodwill store or bought on amazon....etc
    or if you have a student e mail address, you can purchase discount software from microsoft software for students, digital river.
    no, I don't think that system restore is going to help this.
  2. If you can get your hands on a copy of publisher, you should be able to just change the file extensions to .pub.

    This may also be of some help.
  3. Hi Laura, [:tigsounds:4]

    Your files are not necessarily trashed completely. You can still open them now that they are Doc files, without M$ Office.

    Get Open Office to open them. Converting back to Pub files may be a challenge, but at least you can use them now that they have been converted. They may have to be converted long-hand by copy & paste back to Pub 98.

    Download free Open Office
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