Starting from scratch here

Can someone recommend me the type of ram I'll need and a mobo for this processor

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale 3.0GHz 6MB L2 Cache LGA 775

I'm getting many many varied answers. The guy at the PC shop tells me I should buy 1066 ram and this ASUS P5K PRO LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX Intel Motherboard

I really don't know what to do. I'm about to give up on the project as everyone has their own idea. Some people even tell me to wait a few years for quad core to drop in price.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. You came to the right place.

    We can set you up, and with a great deal of agreement ;)

    You only need to look through the 100s of threads here from people just like you, then make a list of parts and we'll look it over.

    Before I can get you started though I'll need to know several things:

    1) How you will use the PC.

    2) The size of your monitor.

    3) Your budget.

    4) Any old parts you are hoping to reuse.
  2. I'm reusing the harddrive it's a Sata 3.0 300 gig

    I'm reusing a XFX 8600 GTX card

    My monitor is a giant 22" monitor/lcd combo

    My budget is around 600, I'm not looking to buy the last and the greatest, but the best for what I can get.
  3. I will use the pc for gaming nothing serious, however.

    I'm thinking of using these for new parts

    OCZ DDR 2 1066
    E8499 Wolf's dale
  4. Ok and you are keeping the case? what case and PSU do you have?

    Spending too much on 1066 RAM, you do not need it.
  5. I should mention that your monitor really wants a stronger video card. We'll see if we can fit that in too.
  6. My case I have now is an Antec P180

    My current proccesor is an Athlon 64 3700 san d
  7. maybe a new video card is all I really need
  8. sorry to tell you davers, 22" is no where close to being giant. =/

    the pc2-8500 he told you to get was a total rip off, he was trying to milk you for what you have...unless your going to overclock liek a beast, and i doubt it seeing your budget

    ddr2 800 should me MORE than capable of handling your processor's needs, hell, even ddr2 667 is a fine choice... ddr2 1066 will not show any performance increases, but it'll cost more thats for sure

    $65 after rebate, great ram btw, should work fien with your mobo

    your not gonna add two cards right? ever? your better off getting a p43 motherboard

    your proc choice will do great with games,

    and a 4850 should do fine on your resolution... which is 1680x1050 if im not mistaken... you'll be able to run most games on max... this is all assuming that your psu is a good one, even if it isn;t, you should have enough money left over to get a good 650watt psu
  9. I want to try playing some of the new dual core games like assassin's creed.
  10. DDR 800 is fine?

    Dang, that'l work well.
  11. The MB is good, but at that price you could do a bit better. let me see what I can do.
  12. Oh, and I need you PSU (Power Supply Unit).
  13. Ok, I've searched for some new ram on sale.

    What about this

    Corsair XMS 800 4 gigs

    How does that compare to this

    OCZ reaper 800 4 gigs
  14. I have a 500 watt cooler master, I believe!
  15. the ram i picked has tighter timings, but that corsair should work fine too i guess.

    trust me, the asus p5k pro is pretty much useless unless your gonna add a second card... than you should go with a p43 moherboard with one pcie x16 2.0 slot
  16. Throw in the 4850 of your choice. Well under 600.00 still... maybe even room for a PSU upgrade.
  17. How would the Kingston Value ram compare to the OCZ and Corsair?

    $530 with the video card, i think the ram you picked should be fine, but i personally would go with 4 gigs [x86 OS should read around 3.2gb, still better than 2gb]

    [$60 worth of rebate]
  19. Well, I only put it there because of your budget. The Reapers are nice, and a good deal if you mail the rebate off instantly. Just depends on where you end up budget wise.
  20. eklipz has a good list there for the price. I would prefer the P5Q pro because that leaves you with more upgrade options and I prefer ASUS ;)
  21. Davers said:
    I have a 500 watt cooler master, I believe!

    If you can get a look, or even post a pic of the label on the PSU it would help. It's no good getting a bunch of new parts if the PSU is not up to the task.
  22. options he may never use, only get that motherboard if yoru confident you'll never get a second card, it got good ratings on newegg, and is pretty cheap... i would feel pretty confident in that purchase, even if its not asus

    and your on a budget, so you won't always get that brand name that you want

    even if he'll upgrade to a second 4850, he would need a better psu... i think his cooler master should be up to the task though...even if there is a small amount of headroom, he won;t get a decent psu for under $80 thats not similar to what he already has
  23. Ok, say I decide to spend a bit more and go with the ASUS board (or something else of a similar nature), but I've heard some upsetting things about saphire brand cards. Can you recommend something else?

    And, I will only have 1 graphics card!
  24. i have a few sapphire cards and i've never had a prob with them

    a gigabyte card
  25. Any ATI 4850 will be good, including Sapphire.

    The MSI version comes with a free game :)

    The ASUS version of the P43. A few less bells and whistles and only one PCI-E slot, nut it's a good price.
  27. I'm just curious

    Can I replace the Biostar with this board

    If not, can you tell me something else?

    Asus P5k p35
  28. it might cost a bit more, and ill admit i dont kno much about psu's, so you should go to the psu section of this forum and let them shed light on that issue
  29. Proximon said:

    The ASUS version of the P43. A few less bells and whistles and only one PCI-E slot, nut it's a good price.

    Oh, thank you.

    And this should complete the system!
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