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Hello, I would like to use three monitors for MS Flt. Simulator and similar programs. I need to have an idea as to model and number of video cards required - and - if there are any issues with the actual monitors. Must they all be of same mfg. with same specs., or can they be of different, but with similar response times?
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  1. M$ Flight sim can use just about any modern vid card(s) such as a pair of ATI HD5000 series cross-fire boards (2 for use up to 4 monitors)

    X-Plane will work better on a pair of Nvidia GTX-480's SLi config.

    X-Plane is so much more detailed and complicated is why it really needs the GPU power of Nvidia.

    X-Plane allows assigning different views to go to different monitors that M$ flight sim can't. I suppose one could say I see M$ Flight-sim as a game more than a simulator. You did say "and similar programs" so your specific graphic card capabilities may vary.

    I use what is now a legacy ATI HD3000 series vid card, and X-Plane shows it really wants a lot more from my card, that it can't deliver.

    You can use different monitor makes/models, it's just how sleek you want the display(s) to be.

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