Not turning on!

i have a gigabyte mobo

and a AMD processor

with working, compatible RAM, harddrive, and power supply

i plug in the power supply and it works fine. i checked the switch and it works fine. nothing will light up or start when i try turning on the comp. i checked all of my switchs and they match. none of my fans have any connecters that arent power connecters, except for my proccessor fan.

Am I doing something wrong, or could i have fried my mobo? i wore a static resistant braclet the whole time.

Am guidance would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. There should be a 4 pin connector that needs to be plugged into the motherboard from the power supply........ ( square ). Did you plug it in ?
  2. +1
  3. yeah i plugged in hte four pin, and the 24pin. i have no idea why onthing is turning on honestly
  4. You can try unplugging unneeded things. Use only one stick of memory. Unplug the dvd-rom drive. pull out the video card if you have one. then try and start it.
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