Dvd won't fit on 16gb flash drive??

so i picked up some cheapo 16 gb flash drive today at wallmart because i couldn't find my 4gb. but i was planning on putting a couple dvds and a few other files on there. So i put ther other files most pretty small one 1.9 gb. but then i try to put the first dvd on from our family computer and it claims there not enough room???

so i go and check properties just to make sure there wasn't some freak packaging mistake and sure enough it's 16 gb with only 2.3 gb taken up. Now i don't know that much about usb drives. Is there a limit on the size of the file that can be placed on one. The other thing i guess that might affect is that the computer only has one gb of ram and i think the ram and total paging files were less then the size of a dvd. So i guess any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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  1. I'm pretty sure that flash drives come formatted FAT 32. They won't accept any file larger than 4gb. You have to reformat it to NTFS. Or you could convert your movies to mpeg4. You could get alot more movies on your flash drive that way also!
  2. Yea format your drive in either NTFS or FAT
  3. Not FAT - that won't work. Format it as NTFS, and then you'll be able to put any kind of file you want on it.
  4. Ok well i know what those formats do now at least lol. I've quick formated a usb a bunch of times to quickly dump everything off it and never knew the difference between the formats. thanks again tomshardware over the last few months has become such a wealth of information to me
  5. Format the stick as NTFS becaus FAT can not hold files larger then 3.2 Gb
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