- How to make IE default browser again?

I have a new computer and want google as my main browser. The only icon I can click on is IE so that is how I've been getting to google. I'm on Facebook alot and play their games and IE it seems can't take the amount of CPU usage. I don't know how to get The Google icon as an option so I don't have to start by going thru IE. Google is also my home page but I still don't have that option.
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  1. The question in the thread title is:
    - How to make IE default browser again?

    Here is that answer.

    Open Internet Explorer, manually by clicking it's icon.

    Click "Tools" then at the bottom, click "Internet Options"

    Click the "Programs" tab

    Click the button that says "Make Default"

    Click Ok.
  2. in case you use the version 6.x go as above but instead check "Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser" and restart IE. The above options are present from version 7.
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