HIS HD 3850 (ATI) Driver - Performance

Hi All,

I'm new here as you can see.

So my problem is finding drivers that work for the 3850. I upgraded from my X850XT (AGP/256) to the HD3850 (AGP/512). I have been reading forums since last night and I simply can not find anything that works. Can anyone please give me some pointers on what I can do?

The funning this is, as soon as I turn down hardware acceleration, on the trouble shooting tab, all the way down I get better performance. If I used the full setting my performance on my desktop drops to crap.

Please help :(

I have tried the following drivers and fixes:

HIS Drivers
These install fine but the performance on my desktop, just moving explorer windows, is very choppy as if I don't have drivers installed.

ATI Drivers
These do not install, I get a message stating hardware not supported.

ATI AGP Hotfix:
These install but I get the same problem as the first driver install.

Omega Drivers:
These install but I get the same problem as the first driver install.

PC Specs

2.4 GHZ Dual Core
2 x 250 GB HD
P4C800 Deluxe Asus Mobo, 800 FSB
ATI HD3950 512MB
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  1. Im having the exact same problem. Help us out please!
  2. @ johnlax38
    Is your CPU Intel or AMD and which model. Also what power supply do you have.
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