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Probably a simple question

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October 26, 2008 4:48:31 PM

Doing my first build and I have a simple question.

Im going to be running a Giga UD3P mobo, Intel 7300 Wolf (2.66) and R HD 4850 (just naming whats gonna be going). My question is, am i going to need thermal paste and a retention bracket or one or the other? Im going to be gaming a lot but like I said its my first build, so I dont plan on really overclocking a lot or anything...should I get paste/bracket or will the pad (IM ASSUMING COMES WITH THE CPU) do just fine?

Thanks for the help

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October 26, 2008 4:58:02 PM

The retail(not oem) cpu comes with a cooler that has thermal material pre-applied. It will work decently. If you ever need to remount, you can't reuse the thermal material, and should get somethingt like AS5 or MX-2.
October 26, 2008 5:07:07 PM

If the 7300 comes in a retail box instead of a bare chip, it'll have a stock HSF with pre-applied paste valid for one installation (remember to take the plastic cover off the heatsink bottom). They don't use thermal pads these days. The stock heatsink does not need a retention bracket. If you later want to reinstall it such as when changing the CPU or the cooler, then you'll need some 93%+ isopropyl alcohol to clean the paste off both sides and some new paste which comes in those tubes, enough for ~15-20 installations.

Remember to place the motherboard on a flat, hard surface on top of the electrostatic packaging, and to ground yourself always. The stock HSF may require some force to install; make sure the pins that go through the motherboard holes fully go through and lock on the other side.

Retention brackets are for heavy heatsinks. If the third-party heatsink you're buying is heavy, it'll come with such a bracket and instructions on how to install it.