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I have a Toshiba DVDburner that is rated at 22x dual layer +/- R and RW. Windows 7-64bit only lets me burn at 18x. I know that its safer to burn slower for less errors. but it would be nice to have a quick burn if im in a rush.
(my rig configuration is in my profile)
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  1. What kinda files are you burning?
  2. I wouldn't worry about 18x instead of 22x. If it was dramatically lower, yes, but not that. It may be slightly higher with different media.
  3. If you don't sit there with a stopwatch, you aren't going to be able to tell the difference between an X18 and an X22 burn.
  4. its not really the point of speed, I bought a 22x and it doesn't run at 22x. the main concern here is why did I buy a 22x that only goes 18x.
  5. Well keep in mind that .....

    You will never see 500 GB of spce on your 500 GB drive
    You will never see USB Speeds (480) on any USB device
    You will never see 1 Gbit speeds on a 1 gigabit LAN

    It's a conspiracy I tell ya !
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    Its all about marketing big numbers, people who are not so much in the know just look at the numbers. The bigger the number, the more they drool, and the more money they spend. Works pretty good don't it?
  7. looks like it does, lucky thing it only cost me 30 bucks brand new. they didn't have any sata drives that were any slower then that anyways so its all good. didnt want anything to expensive seeing as i am gonna upgrade to a Blueray burner once the premium prices come down a lot. ha-ha i remember when dvd-r burners were over 250 dollars.
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