Hey all please help i have some files i wanted to recover.a bunch ex is crazy.she deleted many things music videos games etc etc etc.and well i was looking up on how to recover things and i came across a random thread that basically said.its all good till the stuff that's been deleted has been over written.well that's where the problem lays.i deleted afterwards just to clean up computer a bit till i could figure out how to recover my stuff."basically just going about life as normal".and it was over 70 gigs of stuff that i deleted.mostly games i don't play anymore "i had alot of games" and some movies that were downloaded over time.did deleting that stuff make it where it would be virtually impossible for someone like me the average joe to recover the stuff i would really really like to have back.and if so.if i were to take it to a professional to recover my stuff even with 70+ gigs layed on top of it "i guess that how it works" will they be able to do not super rich.but i would be willing to go to a professional if i knew "for sure" i wouldn't be wasting my money.well ty so so much.and if all my stuff is gone although a bit depressed as some of the stuff were pictures of my son and videos of back in the day when i was a kid my self just goofing off.i guess i can make new memories.i just don't want to waste my little time and money trying to mess with something that irreversible.any help is appreciated.again thx so much guys
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    There are a lot of programs that lets you recover deleted files. Google
    "recover deleted files" and start researching. You may be able to save your cash and do it yourself. And next time, back up your data and put a password protection on your folders.
  2. thx so that means it isnt gone forever:-)?
  3. I wouldn't say you'll be ab;e to able to recover all your files. It's possible but I don't know what you've done since your ex hit the delete button.
  4. pretty much the only thing i have done is delete alot of movies games etc.all the games had mods and patches.basically i deleted if i had to guess like 85 gigs.i ran across a tool called recuv so i will prob try that one.
  5. Games and patches are probably easier to reload than to recover. Most of the tools will tell you in a few minutes what files it has found that can be recovered. It's not a complicated process.
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