HELP!!! Phenom 9600 BE "LOST" 3 Cores

Specs of the rig: GA-MA790X DS4, Phenom 9600 BE, 4G PC6400 RAM, 1TB Seagate SATA HD, Pieoneer ATA DVD RW, 2 x GS7600 nVidias, Pinnacle 310c DVT, Creative X-fi, PSU gygabyte 720W, Alpha n Omega six pipes Al fins turbo fan CPU cooler.
Windows 7 64X


1. Tried to o/c with limited success using AMD OverDrive and getting 2.61GHz stable for an hour doing O/D Test

2. pushing it to 2.7GHz results in constant crashes and blue screens and "loosing" one core (CPU-z and O/D saw 3 cores while W7 and BIOS saw all 4)

3. blocked TBL in BIOS but without any positive results

3. Flushed BIOS (with @BIOS) to f9 resulting in more blue screens and VERY unstable rig

4. Flushed BIOS (with @BIOS) back to f7 with a more stable rig but CPU-z and O/D could recognize only 1 CORE while Windows and BIOS saw Phenom as 4 Core.

5. Flushed BIOS again to f9 but still three cores are "missing" and rig behaves that way it is VERY slow.

6. Took Phenom out of the M/B, reset the BIOS, put Phenom back reset again but no luck still only 1 core visible.

I will try tomorrow to test Phenom in Asus m32-sli delux but would like some advice

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  1. Do you check if the Cool'n'Quiet is disable?
  2. Yes I have.

    However I also have found :bounce: what was causing the "missing" cores. TLB was enabled in BIOS and when I have disabled it were cores were back and my o/c saga continues.

    At the moment (all day since 6am) I am on 2.62 GHz & with f9 BIOS and so far did not have any blue screen or "freeze".

    CPU Voltage @ 1.280V, HT & NB @ 1808 MHz.

    Thanks for suggestion

    I will keep going up then post the results.

  3. lol tlb bug back i hope not
  4. I would say YES as with "new" bios I have lots of BSOD with the following messages:

    CPU is running quite cool between 29C idle n 43C under heavy load but BSOD is repeatedly coming and coming. Due to this I have lowered clock to the factory 2.3GHz but no change.

    So far by analyzing the BSOD messages I am convinced that the memory modules (no name ones) are the reason for these issues thus my solution would be money spending for some "names" memory modules.

    Anyway thanks for your help guys
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