Is it my DDR3 Memory or my Gigabyte X58 Extreme motherboard?

hi all,

I just build a computer using the new Gigabyte X58 Extreme motherboard with i7 920 CPU.

I also installed 6 G.Skill DDR3-1333 1GB memory (part # F3-10600CL9D-2GBNQ), however, it will not post and gives me error code 68 on the Gigabyte board......I have no idea what code 68 is since it is not mentioned on the manual.

Now, I took 5 memory out and only left one in the Dimm slots, it worked. Tried two, and it worked. But if I try 4 Dimms to run as Dual-Channel, it did post, but only recognize 2GB of memory.

I was reading articles that DDR3 memory for X58 board supporting i7 CPU may be different due to Voltage limitations, but the G.Skill I have operates in 1.5-1.65 V which should within the range for the setup.

I'm wondering if this is a memory issue, or could it be motherboard defect?

thanks all
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  1. You can try changing the "memory mapping" setting in the bios. I'm surprised the manual doesn't mention this. If that doesn't work, I would email gigabyte tech support or call, since the board is so new. Be sure also you have them in the correct slots for 4 sticks; some of the boards have unusual pairings for the slots.
  2. problem solved!!

    it turns out that 2 out of the 6 G.Skill I ordered are defective, the computer just won't post when i swap the two defective ones and it gets HOT......I was worried something was fried. Luckily, nothing was damaged.

    will return the 2 defective one to replace with good ones from vendors.

    I'm surprised the QC control on the G.Skill memory are not so good, or perhaps I'm just extremely out of luck.

    thanks forum!
  3. six one g sticks is just plain stupid! You woulda been better off getting 3 2g sticks, then you woulda had room for upgrades and less parts to be doa.
  4. makes sense to match the number of sticks to the number of cores
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