CPU or Overclockin?

Hi, I really do not know if I am in the right area for this question, but here goes. Could or would somebody explain and show me in laymans terms, on how to overclock? thank you.
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  1. I was trying to help Podlod before, but suggested he overclock his CPU, as we believe it is bottlenecking the GPU. And this was the cheapest way to check this. I haven't overclocked in a long time, so I suggested he go here.

    He has an Athlon 64 X2 3800+.
  2. tell us what game you want to play, or what you want to do. with a 3800 you are limited. I hear some hit 3 ghz. If you go into you bios at statup there may be options but depending on the bios and mobo you could be stuck. If you find reference clock or cpu speed or anything increase thoe by 5 and test with orthos. download cpuz and look up your bios and mobo. there are probable threads on this site and guru 3d and other forums.
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