Advice on build for a first timer

I am on a budget of $700 but am willing to break it a little, as I have to give the system a longer life. I plan on playing Company Of Heroes, Orange Box and upcoming games like Spore and hopefully Dawn of War 2.

Any help or info would be appreciated.
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  1. Hmmm....Everything looks fine but just a few comments or questions.
    1. 500W PSU, P45 mobo with nVidia GPU? I assume that you won't Xfire or SLI your system
    2. Do you really need an OS? Do you still have your old XP? You can relocate your money if you still have your old good XP.
    3. Care to consider Artic Cooling Freezer Pro 7 to go along with your proc? It is not expensive but a lot better than the stock fan.
    4. If you can still increase your investment ant get a 2x2GB RAM, it would be very nice.
    5. Care for HD4850? It is not very different in price compared to 8800GT.
  2. NightsD, if you have a little more money, definitely go for the 4850, it's an excellent choice. Also check out 9800GTX/GTX+ with PhysX. 177.83 drivers are out now enabling the 80 million users with 8, 9, GT200 series cards to use GPU-based PhysX.

    Orange Box isn't very demanding, neither is Spore, so the 8800GT is fine. Dawn of War 2 most likely won't be too demanding as far as I know. The 8800GT will play DX9 CoH easily, and DX10 will be very playable.

    The AC Freezer 7 Pro is a great HSF. I definitely recommend it. I own one myself and can't be happier. I also own an XFX 8800GT which I am very happy with.

    2x2GB RAM is great.

    Arctic Silver 5 is great, but MX-2 performs just as good if not a tiny better.

    To use more than 3.5GB memory, get a 64-bit OS like Vista Premium 64.
  3. 4850, because it's about the same price and will give you more performance.

    You can downgrade a bit on the MB:

    Same price RAM, better timings and voltage:
  4. This is a great drive for $84.99, just $5.00 more than your 500GB drive.
    140 GB extra for $5.00.

    Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD6400AAKS 640GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - OEM
  5. Thanks for the help everyone. I am shying away from ATI because the only mmorpg I like to play, City Of Heroes, doesn't support it them very well. And of course, cash.

    As for the OS I have XP installed on the computer I am using right now but I don't own the PC(parent does who may allow me to do it if they didn't think after all these years that opening a desktop makes it explode) and all I have is the emachine boot disc that came with it.

    The Cooler is very temping. I'll probably get it.


    The downgrade on the mobo actually costs money to ship so it's pretty close to the original in price for a downgrade.

    The Ram looks like good I'll switch it out.


    Great HDD but I just don't see myself using that much space and I have already upgraded twice in similar 5.99 fashions.\

    Anymore advice will be appreciated and thanks to those who have already helped me.
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