Weird ticking sound on unattached Hitachi 2TB

this is weird. I am holding a unattached, powered off Hitachi 7k2000 drive that makes a silent ticking sound whenever i turn the drive left or right. It's the first time i bought a hitachi drive so i don't if this is normal. It's running okay now but i'm worried it might die on me further down the road. Thanks!
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    Don't worry about that. IBM drives (made by Hitachi) used to have a label saying the rattle was normal.
  2. Thanks fihart! Well, this is the reply i got from Hitachi Support. It seems to say it's okay but then again maybe it's not. The drive works fine so maybe it is normal:

    Thank you for contacting Hitachi Global Storage Technologies.

    An intermittent clicking/rattling drive does not always indicate a physical
    failure of the drive. The drive will click when the heads disengage or
    engage from the head ramp assembly, this is a normal noise.

    The constant clicking sound is usually caused by one of two things: Either
    the drive is in the process of failing or you may have a communication
    problem. The easiest way to test an ATA/IDE drive is to try connecting
    only the power cable to the drive, if the drive continues to click, you
    know it has failed and will need to be replaced. If the clicking stops, you
    should then try another communication cable. Please note that this step
    will not work with a serial ATA (SATA) drive since the drive will not spin
    up without the data cable attached.

    If the drive continues to click and if your drive was purchased within the
    last 30 days, you should return the drive to your place of purchase. If it
    has been longer than 30 days, you may verify warranty status and if the
    warranty status is valid submit your RMA request via our website here:

    Once the RMA has been created, an e-mail will be sent to you with the
    return instructions, packaging requirements, RMA number and shipping
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