Added Bootable SATA to Bootable IDE, how to Boot from IDE not SATA

I have computer A with IDE drive set as Primary Master, Windows Vista, MS Office 2007, up to date data. From computer B with Windows XP, old programs, I removed the SATA hard drive and installed the SATA in A. Computer A only boots from the SATA. Via F2 SETUP, SATA is not listed as a Boot choice. I selected disable Fast Boot. Via F12 I found the IDE and set it to boot from A's IDE. aok. Next startup, reverts back to boot from B's old XP on SATA. Only by removing SATA, can I get the computer to boot from IDE. How can I access BIOS within booted up Windows Vista and change to boot from IDE Windows Vista and not revert to XP on SATA?
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  1. What happens if you try removing all SATA drives, leaving only the IDE HD? Does the BIOS now let you select it as the boot device?
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