SLI 8700MGT in heirarchy?

Hey all,

I was browsing the Dell XPS laptops and noticed this as one of the video options:

"NVIDIA®SLI™Dual GeForce®8700MGT with 512MB GDDR3 Memory"

I checked the video card heirarchy with the "best video cards for the money" for september 08 and couldn't find it there. Anyone have any idea where this might be in the heirarchy?

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  1. Think desktop SLI 8600GTS. Below the HD 3850.
  2. 2 8700 GTs are just 2 8600 GTs in sli, with a higher clock:P

    I think they clocked it enough to match a real 8600 GT (Desktop). and I kno that dual 8600 GTs don't come close to match even the 9600 GT. they don't even match 1 8800 320 :S.

    I think that they perform along the lines of 3850. I'd suggest trying to get a laptop with a 9700M GTS, which is about as strong as a 9600 GT (Desktop). and you don't have the hassle of sli. or if you can push for a 9800M GTX which is as strong as a 8800 GT (desktop).

    EDIT: Just a general chart.

    9800M GTX (8800 GT Desktop) > 8800M GTX (slightly slower than 8800 GT, it can be oced to match 9800M GTX) > 3850 X2 (Between 8800 GT and 9600 GT Desktop > 9700M GTS~8800M GTS (Just under the 9600 GT desktop) > 8700M GT sli (slightly slower 8600 GTS Sli Desktop) > 8600M GT sli (slightly lower than 8600 GT in SLi Desktop
  3. Thanks for the info - I guess Dell just wants to use "SLI" in all its ads for the XPS. :) Looks like I'll be going for an HP instead, since they do have the 9xxxM cards. I don't suppose you would have a general recommendation between HP and Dell for a decent gaming laptop that will last a few years?

    Another look at the Dell site, and it appears the more expensive XPS gaming laptops have SLI 8800M GTX, which would appear to top the mini-heirarchy you've listed.

  4. Just follow L1qu1d's advice. Try getting a laptop with a 8800M/9800M GTX, and you should be fine for some time to come.
  5. I just bought an HP dv5t laptop with a 9600m gt inside. I haven't really played any games on it yet, but i'm sure it'll be a solid performer. i do not think that hp has a laptop with a 9700m gt card :( but the 9600m gt is decent.
  6. yes it would be, but its going to kill your wallet. I honestly made a cheaper computer at alienware, so you should look into that, a laptop with a 8800M GTX was 2100 or 2300, and at dell it woudln't give me the option for single, so it ended up being 3000$.

    I got a Toshiba Qosmio X300, P7350 Core 2 duo (Centrino 2), CPU 2.0 ghz, 9700M GTS, 4 gigs DDR3 1066 RAM, 320 Gig HD 5400 RPM

    And it plays every game out maxed out (AA 4 max, except CSS which it can do 16XQAA)
    Grid runs at 40 fps avg frames with all settings on Ultra/High (since only some are ultra, and others only have High option).

    I installed Crysis, but it was playable for some parts on high, but for most I needed to do Med, sometimes even lower.

    COD4 is flawless though 60+ frames:) with 4X AA:D

    Its 17.1 inch though, so I don't know if you like them that big.

    Price 1599.99 CAD

    EDIT: I'm grabbing my gf's P8600 (2.3 I think can't remember) since she doesn't need that fast:) and it will be temporary till I get my P9500
  7. So here's another doozie: according to Wikipedia, the nVidia Quadro NVS 160M is 9800M-GS based. The article also says that it's sometimes possible to re-flash a quadro as the equivalent desktop version (and vice versa), allowing use of the drivers for that version. The question at hand, then, is two-fold:

    (1) How closely can you get the 160M to behave like a 9800M GS, if it's even possible?

    (2) How much would the performance differ if you could?

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