AMD Turion X2 TL-64 Or Ultra Zm-80 ??

the first one the turion X2 Tl-64 Is A 2.2 Processroe With Just 1mb cache

the Seconf is the Ultra Zm-80 with 2.1 Processore but With 2mb chace ?

which is better when using 3ds max or cad or photoshop cs4 ?? ??
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  1. definitely go with the Ultra ZM-80. Would most likely see a difference in performance.
  2. so wat about this >> Processor 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T5750 is it better than both ?
  3. The Core 2 is likely better than both, yes.
  4. True - depends on the whole deal with the Lappy though.

    Make sure you stuff it with RAM and get all of the graphics / HDD / other options you want.

    Most lappies are not strong on performance anyway as they constantly chase lower power states once you stop doing active work on them ... otherwise simply get a nice quad core desktop.

    If you get a high end laptop in terms of processor power then expect to pay for the performance with significantly lower battery life.

    You ca't have everything so decide what is the most important things you want it to do for you - overall.

    In saying that you could get a high end one and stuff 20 kilos of batteries in your backpack ...

    The core2 does still have a slightly higher IPC for what you want - and it is better on power use under load and idle.
  5. I've been looking into this myself, might be a little late for you post but I'll share what I've been able to find around the web concerning those same three processors, the same three I've been looking at.

    AMD Turion X2 TL-60, AMD Turion X2 Ultra ZM-80, Core2Duo T5750

    First off let's start right here on tom's. You can get a bench for the TL-60 under the mobile chip section. It's performance is well... less that impressive. It's near the bottom but the important thing to drawl from this is that it's generally on par or better then the Core2Duo T7300 with the lower FSB. Why is that important?

    The T575 is an OEM chip that intel launched without any fan-far and slipped into a number of mobile computers. From what I gathered from the T5750 is a cheaper to produce T7250 that runs at a lower clock speed, very similar to the T7300 at the lower speed. It's safe to say the performance difference between a T7300 and a T5750 have near identical performance.

    With that in mind we can say the T5750 is a slightly (read microscopically) slower mobile cpu then the T7300 running a slow clock speed. Therefore the TL-60 safely performs on par with both of these intels and marginally out performs them in some tasks. So the T's are all pretty much the same. If your going to buy a laptop with any of these 3 chip types I'd ignore the cpu and instead look at what the other options are (Hard drive, DVD, wifi, RAM, video) to make a choice on which is best.

    However when it comes to the Ultra ZM-80 allot of things change. Think of the TL-XX AMD chips as the old-guard. AMD has released two other Turion chips to replace the TL line. One is the RM and the other is the ZM. What's the difference? Glad you asked.

    According to the AMD forums the RM is identical in architecture as the TL chips. However the RM comes in higher clocked versions and higher HT (hyper transport) speeds* and shares one important mobile aspect with the ZM. They run at lower idle clock speeds. The TL will throttle down to 800mhz at idle while the RM and ZM will drop to 500-600mhz which means longer battery life.

    *Hyper Transport will not affect laptop performance.

    The ZM on the other hand has TWICE the cache of the TL and RM cpus. In this regard the ZM will out perform them in almost every process (as Tom's has shown with their report on the significant of cache). However the ZM like the RM is fundamentally very similar to the TLs and subject to similar performance as same clock speeds. Because if this the "Ultra" ZM-80 running at 2.1ghz and the ZM-82 at 2.2ghz will be out performed by a Core2Duo T7500 running at the same clock.

    Conclusion, if your thinking of buying a low end Core2Duo like the T5750 I'd take a look at the AMD Turion Ultra ZM-80 and 82. The AMD cpus also come with the ATI HD 3200 video chip set more often then not offering you some serious graphical performance.

    For your needs, Photoshop, Cad and 3ds Max or not gonna get anything that runs these cpu intesive apps in a mobile platform at a resonable price. I run Photoshop and 3ds Max on my desktop which has a Core2Duo 6700 in it, nothing in the mobile platform comes near this unless you bump the budget up to something like the Acer Travelmate 6593. If your budget is tight i'd advise looking for the cheapest Core2Duo Penryn chip (P8400, P8600, etc) system you can find. If it's still outside your budget then go with whatever sytem either a AMD Turion ZM or Intel C2D T5850, T8100 that best suits your ram and disk requirements within budget.
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