Unable to see my new DVD drive in BIOS boot screen options?

I bought a new Sony DVD writer(SATA). I already have a SATA Hard disk connected to my motherboard.
When I connected DVD drive its showing in initial screen(i.e Scan devices... Serial_Ch_Master0: Sony DVD writer xxxxx
Serial_Ch_Master1: STxxxxxxxx)
where STxxxxxxx is my hard disk.

But in BIOS screen, I am not able to see my new DVD writer in BOOT options. But I am able to see the drive contents after logging into Windows XP. I am able to read any DVD drive from the new drive I connected thro SATA.

So please help me why I am not able to see the DVD drive in BIOS. Thanks.
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  1. My BIOS does that, too. See if there is a SATA device listed that is not your HDD(s), with some letters and numbers separated by dashes, the last grouping may be the model number. If so, that is likely to be your SATA DVD writer.
  2. But that is also not displayed. Only my HDD is displayed. But DVD drive is not at all displayed :(
    Whats the solution please?
  3. For my SATA hard disk drive during windows installation it asks to - Press F6 if you need to install a 3rd party device.... or somethink like that. I press F6 and provide the Floppy provided to me(VIA SATA RAID Driver) written over it, which is a driver for recognizing my hard disk.
    So I guess for my DVD driver too this same problem of providing some drivers is needed? So can I use the same driver floppy that is given for HDD? But when can I provide the driver because for HDD I use to provide during windows installation. Please help me.
  4. Its working now!!! The problem was BBS-0 was my hard disk and BBS-1 was RealTek Ethernet controller I guess. And I didnt knew this was the one pointing to my DVD drive. So I was struggling. Now I got it :) Thanks everyone.
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