a 1080p screen through my computer?

Hi guys,

i am looking into getting a 1080p lcd tv. I thought i may be able to save some money as i have seen some products that have no tv tuner, speakers but just the screen.

I have an inbuilt tv tuner and audigy surround sound card. I have a 9800gx2 for the hdmi imput.

Has anyone had experience with this type of alternative of screen setup?

1080p screens are getting pretty cheap at the moment so im not sure if the whole idea is even worth it?
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  1. I currently use my HDTV as my main display. As long as you don't do any intense professional graphical editing, you'll be mostly fine. I hope that you plan to sit a bit away from the screen, because HDTVs output a lot more heat than an LCD monitor outputs.

    As far as setting it up is concerned, you really shouldn't have any problem. Just make sure you can set it up to where you can sit comfortably away from it.
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