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So I am still having trouble with my X800 GTO doing a weird crash in direct3d apps. It will only do it in certain (higher demand) direct3d apps, not opengl...and what it does is the monitor will click off and give me a "no signal" but the computer is still running...sound is still on. Eventually the sound will screw up and the computer will be worthless, but the crash is definately coming from the graphics card as far as I can see. Is this a sign of it being burnt out...previously people thought it might be a PSU issue on these boards but that was another issue my comp was dropping for. This specific crash seems purely graphics card related. Any suggestions?
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  1. What's your system specs, including the PSU? Could be PSU not giving enough juice.

    For now, go grab Rivatuner or HWMoniter or whatever tool that displays your GPU temps. It's also likely that your GPU is overheating under heavy load and is causing crashes.
  2. The GPU is over heating. This is happening to my X800XT when playing Diablo 2 when the room temps reach 80F. So, I opened the case and put a floor fan so it blows on the video card. This seems to work so far.
  3. I have seen this problem reported a lot. It seems the way of choice for a X800 card to slowly die im afraid :( I had a X800XL myself which did the same kind of thing, ramdom crashes to a black screen with every thing seeming to be running but no picture. Its possabl ethat it is heat related and you could try cleaning the fan as a fan covered with dust is a very bad thing. Dust = PC Enemy no1. Or even try what DXrick has suggested. I hope im wrong and it only needs a clean but i worry that its on its way out :(

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