What kind of price increases do people expect to pay

on Core i7's release? I was considering building now but am now thinking that i'll bite the bullet and build on release (I suspect I'm probably not alone in this).

On my budget I've allotted the following, although I could be way off.

$620 2.93 Core i7 ($562 per 1000)
$300 x58 mobo
$275 3x 2GB DDR3

Anybody expecting something different?

This is an increase of about $400 over my original system build, but it puts me on an upgrade path well into 2010.

I'm currently running a P4 2.8 w/ 1 GB RDRAM and a GeForce 7950 GT. I've owned the system for 6.5 years (only the video card has been upgraded) - if I want my socks blown off, might as well blow them way off, eh?
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  1. I was thinking of doing the same kind of deal as well but then I remembered that technology evolves way quick. There might come a new socket for the next iteration of intel's chip, there might be some stiff competition from amd, there might be a major bug on i7 chips...who knows?

    Really, building a high-end system now (or soon with 1 generation old parts) should carry you over well into 2010-2011 just the same and quite possibly farther into the future. The general feel you have nowadays is that applications are not limited by the hardware (except for high-end games at high settings). Because of that, you can expect a big delay before you actually "need" to upgrade.

    Spend wisely :)
  2. I don't really intend to buy blindly - if the benchmarks don't show a marked increase in performance, I'll have no reason to go with the chip at that price level. However, the LGA775 socket is going to be a thing of the past. Both Bloomfield and Westmere (which will supersede Bloomfield in ~2010) use LGA1366, while the 'mainstream' chips will be using LGA1156.

    If I build now, my next upgrade will have to be new CPU, mobo, and memory; if I build after Core i7, I can just replace the CPU.
  3. third option: lga775 + ddr3 + ddr3-enabled mobo. Only have to change cpu+mobo.
    My guess is that with a good lga775 build, you could be able to leapfrog the next generation all together.
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