Is it my cd drive or what?? help please!

okay so i have an issue and im not sure if its with my cd drive or what...basically i tried to install a game and the cd drive wasn't reading the cd at doesn't read any games, but it used to...but it plays music cds without any problems. so i have no clue what the issue is...i need to know if i need a new cd drive or how i can fix this problem...can anyone please help??
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  1. Will it play any videos?
  2. Some games now come on DVD's because they are large. Do you have a CD reader. or a DVD reader which will read both CD and DVD?

    A nice SATA Samsung DVD burner is only about $30.
  3. i think its a cd and dvd says "52 x" on it...dont know if that helps...and no it doesnt play videos...just games, no videos, nothing but music...i dont get that part
  4. Hey, if it says "52x" then most likely it is only a cdrom drive. As geofelt states that you can get a dvd burner for around $30 it would be a good descision considering that 52x cdroms are extremely old now and probally would have issues anyways if they were to be in use that period of time. A dvd burner would allow you to burn DVD-R/DVD-RW/CD-R/CD-RW and as well as read DVDs / CDs
  5. You might try downloading and installing Codecs. I usually install K-Lie
  6. If all it says is 52x, it's likely a CD ROM. You can pull it out and look at the label on the drive to be sure.
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